Generational Equity

Wall Street financial services

Generational Equity has completed more middle-market transactions than any other M&A company. Our consultants deal with middle-market business owners who are thinking about selling their company or looking for merger and acquisition options. We work with business owners on all aspects of stock or asset transactions, mergers, and divestitures. Our highly experienced Merger and Acquisition professionals provide guidance and solutions on topics such as: When is the best time to sell? Should the company be sold whole or in part? Is the firm ready to be sold, or should the emphasis be on increasing value for a future sale?

We provide one-day educational seminars on a monthly basis to offer company owners with an overview of the procedure required to effectively sell a private middle market firm for maximum value. The knowledge offered at the conference is an essential component of a plan to finally sell your firm for the highest possible price.

Our experienced M&A consultants can assist company owners in anticipating obstacles and understanding what has to be done at each stage of a deal. We design a tailored marketing plan for each client that goes to market, presenting the company to the most relevant possible purchasers while keeping tight Client confidentiality.